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Default Re: Are the Rothschild's at the top of the heap?

The trouble is can be controlled.

They can pass a law. Buy up the silver mines...whatever...

it must be controlled by a duly elected representative who is accountable to the people based on exact principals of demographics.

Money is NOTHING but the oil of the economic machine. It is NOT the economic machine. The economy is the wheat in the fields, the labor from your muscles of brain and the iron ore in the ground.

Money is simply a way to make the exchange of goods and services easier and by itself is worthless.

It is a big mistake to go to a standard of any kind except to a generally agreed set of principals agreed to by the people.

Of course, that assumes the people get a say in the generally agreed set of principals.

If you go to silver they will simply aquire and control it.

Gold and silver are being pushed by other forces than simply ordinary people.

J.P Morgan has apparent derivitives on Gold in the hundreds of billions. They are cleaning up.

Get a few silver dollars if you must. The best bet is a community sharing resources of food, water and environmentally clean power...of course 5 billion people cant all have a nice block of land.

I guess thats survival of the smartest for you.
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