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Default Re: Ron Paul Watch...

Barbara wrote:

If we wind up with a cross-dressing mobster like Guliani, a lobbyist phony like Thompson or a Hillary, don't blame God, he sent you Ron Paul.


Real, honest free trade, a concept whose time has come.

As far as filling all those thousands of positions, haven't you heard? Ron Paul would work to abolish all those un-Constitutional departments and agencies, forcing tens of thousands of bureaucrats into the unemployment lines where they would have to find REAL jobs and actually WORK for a change.

Imagine, if you can, being free of the IRS, BATF, Federal Reserve, Dept. of Education, Homeland Security - the list goes on and on.

Unless we are a nation seriously suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, there is only one logical choice in 2008, RON PAUL.

Get informed and join the REVOLUTION.
Great post Barbara, Maybe, just Maybe, God has sent us Ron Paul, there is absolutely no excuse for people not to vote for him, unless your a braindead Democrat or Republican, (I wonder why R.Paul does'nt drop the GOP altogether and register independent?) I'll certainly tell everyone I know to vote R. Paul. :-) But I reserve my criticism on his WAR ON TERROR BILL... by the way, which you have not answered my question on the first post here, maybe I'm going to e-mail him directly R. Paul that is .
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