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Default Re: Suspicuos Bridge Collapse...

BlueAngel wrote:
RedRat said:

Wrong Answer Blue Angel.....

We create our own destinies in "their" containment field of this planet, think about it this way, "they" control the money and power in this world, they allow us to somewhat live 'free' only if we don't upset their "containment field", so thus their "generosity" and "guidance" blind the masses into submission, however those who want out of the containment field finds themselves questioning everything in the world as conspiratorial, which is GOOD! I have no problem with free-thinkers....

It is MY answer to a personal question.

Therefore, it cannot be wrong!

It wasn't a true or false question!!

It wasn't multiple choice!

It was my answer to a personal question!

Do you think your response to the question you asked me negates my answer and deems me wrong and you right?

What a power trip you're on!

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