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Default Re: We May not Agree with the War...But, Should Support Our Troops

Perhaps, our troops would enjoy care packages from their countrymen before they're sent home in body bags!

Our soldiers join the military with dignity and honor believing they will be fighting for just cause, helping to keep America free, protecting us from foreign invasion.

Not understanding the true history of our country/world and that the REAL enemy are those who send them overseas to foreign lands to fight THEIR oil and power wars.

They are used as "killing machines" for the Military Industrial Complex.

Yes, we know this!

I don't turn my back on those who are victimized by the NWO.

Just as I was a victim and forced into a life not of my own chosing, there were those who SUPPORTED me and I, for one, SUPPORT our troops and not the "war mongers" who sent them in harm's way based on LIES and for their own agenda.

I'm sure, by this time, anyone who visits this site is familiar with my postings and opinions regarding the criminals who occupy the White House.
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