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Default Thanx Henry! U R making the future brighter

I found this quote on henry's site today and thought I'd post it.

Thank God for Henry.

henry should write about tesla and really shake em up. Nomad, why don't you write henry and point him in that direction? Just a suggestion. I think more people need to know about tesla and forget Einstein.

I have to admit how brainwashed I was. I had his picture on the wall before Christmas and after reading many sites, I have long put it in the dumpster.

We can change for the better. Change is possible and it starts with the individual. Education is the only means necessary. That and honesty.

I wanted to add Ahmad's quote.

"What will defeat Satan and his troops is nothing but an individual revolution, anybody can do it now, just by reshifting your center to God instead of the powerless creatures (all things and people), by knowing that only God can harm or benefit, thus there is no need to worry or get afraid, even if they are knocking on your door!."

" February 27, 2005

einstein> Your "confession" of "once being sympathetic to Communism, a liberal, feminist, socialist, and Zionist. I changed, it wasn't quick and it wasn't easy" took my breath away! You described me.

The process took so long that I had forgotten those years of painful change, of grappling with new information, of changing my mind, of losing old friends, and of walking away from work places that turned hostile as I learned more and more truth, thus having to change.

Thanks for that "confession", I needed to hear that and it was a reminder that change is possible, even among those people holding on fiercely to their false beliefs about the "world". I was once one of them, and had forgotten that.

More and more I enjoy the emails from your readers. As most are very supportive, I see them as friends and I no longer feel as isolated and alone out here in a red state, where the vast majority of Christian conservatives seem to cheer Bush on and hope for Armeggedon in support of Zionist Israel. Of course they believe in a "rapture" to protect them although that appears nowhere in the Bible, and can only be inferred with great effort.

Continued blessings to you and your work! B"

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