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I thought on this question last night.

I still believe NWO is a bunch of OLD sick mutha-fcuker's who are a DYING breed. Their days are coming to an end - not ours. We'll go on where they won't know how to survive.

The meek shall inherit the earth. I'm just learning how to cope better in their illusive world by understanding their trickery.

I AM NOT SO EASILY FOOLED, as I am sure many others have also realised within themselves, since learning their little game and the tricks they use to play with our lives.

I honestly cannot believe how naive I was to all this crap. And it's being beamed into my household as truth via the gogglebox? My local media is lying through their teeth too.

The school system tried to feed me bullshit. The shit they are serving up to my children is even worse. They have a sexual agenda in the classrooms now. What the Fcuk???? They think it's teach my son it's O.K. to be gay? What must he think of them? What could the teachers do,congregated in the halls, when the boy in grade six KISSED the boy in grade 4? They were all a flutter and my son walked right by and heard the whole conversation??????????????????????????????

The more people learn and understand what is up, they better they can deal with and hopefully sidestep the bullshit in daily life.
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