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Peace RUready,

You said: "leave god, satan, lucifer, allah, jehovah, yahweh, devil, baphomet, etc out of it. we've been giving excuses long enough."

The NWO in my opinion is not a bunch of people, it is a separate distinct invisible race called "the Jinn-beings", their leader is Satan and the evil ones of them are determied to enslave you and me and all humanity.

This NWO cabal has a famous slogan which is what you wrote! "leave God and Satan out of it, there are no such things".

I am not accusing you of anything, i just remind. It's all about God and Satan, it's not about the corrupt leaders, nor is it about the evil bankers or the corporations.

A few of the anti-NWO researchers are honest and free people who believe in God and despise Satan and his continous attempts at enslaving us, maybe that's why i chose to write here.

The majority though are engaged in a state of worshipping Satan (aka, NWO). Just by being dedicated fans to the NWO propaganda (which is transforming rapidly into a big industry), it's something like the corrupt Muslims who pollute their pilgrimage to God's shrine in Mecca by stoning three obelisks (now big walls) in "Mina", this is a proven inovation and inspite of seemingly being a symbol of rejecting Satan, it is actually a flagrant act of "negative worship" since the bond this time is formed by "extreme hate" instead of "extreme love", the two sides of the coin, Satanism.

I for one am not worried about the latest conspiracies, i put my trust in God alone, God promised that He will not burden any soul beyond its means, therefore anybody can do his best to resist any attack on his freedoms within his capability, as for the rest, leave it to God.

The NWO propganda is mainly about converting more fans to Satan, by forming a passive bond, where everyone tunes into the Alpha state, following the propaganda in complete fear or apathy, both of which are condemned by God.

What will defeat Satan and his troops is nothing but an individual revolution, anybody can do it now, just by reshifting your center to God instead of the powerless creatures (all things and people), by knowing that only God can harm or benefit, thus there is no need to worry or get afraid, even if they are knocking on your door!.

Through destroying your personal idols you can achieve freedom, no force on earth can enslave you against your will, enslavement takes two. Attaining salvation and perfect happiness now and forever is possible, just by changing your heart, and being God-oriented.

If you can't say No to your cigarette, your sinful lusts, how and why do you expect to be free!.

Can we afford disregarding God any longer? do you know that all of our miseries, disease, depression and grief are because of not remembering God?. Break free of Satan's grip first and then worry about the conspiracy.

My mission is to offer you a chance to break free by joining the sincere in a united submitters nation, check my website for more details.

[16:51] GOD has proclaimed: "Do not worship two gods; there is only one god. You shall reverence Me alone."
God\'s alternative, USN

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