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Default A book from outer space!

Peace all,

You know why "Islam" is being attacked severly these days? because it is the final stage in a continous message from God that started with Abraham.

The "Islam" of today however had been subverted, now the majority of Muslims follow a corrupt religion, worshipping God + idols (Muhammad, saints, Ali..etc) instead of God alone.

Islam is a meaning, it means "Submission". To disbelieve in anything and anyone and believe that only God can harm or benefit, thus the natural conclusion is to devote the rest of your life to God alone. The war on Islam is aimed at driving away anybody who would ever dare to read Quran (a book that the majority of Muslims have abandoned in favour of the fabrications of "Hadith").

Regardless of your religion or non religion, i invite you to read a few sentences that you choose from the following list of chapters from Quran, God's final testament to all humanity (including you) that is proven by a superhuman mathematical composition which is simple to understand, impossible to imitate (the miracle of 19), you can find more about it on my website.

But first read even a few verses from the following link. Every letter in the Arabic Quran is proven by 19, a change of one letter would cause the mathematical structure to collapse, if you feel that these words are truly from God, verify the miracle to reassure your heart.

On the following link you will find a list of 114 chapters, each chapter has a name, choose one and read a little, what if it was from your Creator?

P.S: I am not affiliated with the above website.

God\'s alternative, USN

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[3:19] The only religion approved by GOD is \"Submission.\"...
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