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Default Re: Death of the internet

It's called Microsoft Windows XP...wait until you get the "Longhorn" version!

You will be unable to download MP3's unless off a registered site.

You will not be able to copy DVD's etc...

Microsoft will be able to delete files through a special code in things you download like if you buy a lisence for music that lasts for one week etc...

"TC provides a computing platform on which you can't tamper with the application software, and where these applications can communicate securely with their authors and with each other. The original motivation was digital rights management (DRM): Disney will be able to sell you DVDs that will decrypt and run on a TC platform, but which you won't be able to copy. The music industry will be able to sell you music downloads that you won't be able to swap. They will be able to sell you CDs that you'll only be able to play three times, or only on your birthday. All sorts of new marketing possibilities will open up."

God help us.

Download and print the article and read at bedtime.

An oppurtunity for Linux...particularly Mandrake Linux? NOT LIKELY! Just try downloading a peice of software and running it on "the easiest" Linux yet...yeh right...good luck!

What a peice of crap!

Linux and Mandrake Linux inparticular (the market leader) are such dogs to operate I am convinced Gates has bought them out and is having the biggest laugh EVER!

I'm no computer fool but I could not for the life of me even download and get to run the simplest of programs off their site.

If thats the best Linux can do they can stick it.

Being free is'nt good enough.

I already have FREE cracked XP.

Lift your game Linux or go home pretender.
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