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Default Beware: Stress and the Internet can cause you a heart-attack.

As unbelievable as that may sound it's true! Did you know that being ADDICTED to the net,(Meaning you stay on it till late, late night,) ruining your sleep patterns.

Your Heart is not only a MIRACULOUS PUMP that only a AWSOME GOD could concieve, read how it is impossible for humans to recreate such a pumping device, but, what they( the quackpot medical establishment) don't tell you, is that your HEART is also a THINKING DEVICE.
Yes a thinking vessel, this organ is where LOVE and other emotional things seem to "filter through" don't take my word for it, go check it out yourself, if you can find the truth.

Anyway, Stress from daily life, work, family, etc..has a real impact on the heart, as well as a poor diet, even the internet can cause your heart to beat irratically, if it's causing you to have irregular sleep patterns, then it does affect the heart.(I know this for real) it seems my heart is beating irregularly from ALL THE ABOVE, however being aware of taking care of the body by nutrition and being less stressful (if that's possible) can prevent severe heart failure I believe. I bet most people don't know that Heart Disease is the number one or two killer in America, if you think your heart is beating irregular, check the net for info. it could be serious maybe, maybe not????

Oh yes and the environment, chemicals, toxic air, certain medicines, alcohol, a variety of things can cause heart attacks. no matter how FIT you think you are. :-o

The "Medical-Pharmacy-Complex" know this.

A Thinking Heart....

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