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RedRat said:

"Please go away Psycho, I will never understand your FUCKED mind BA, God knows I've tried, but you have continually crossed the line between HATE and HARRASSMENT, you are a deranged individual, now please JUST KINDLY FUCK OFF! it's one thing to accept your delusions that I'm Bruce whatever, but for you to take it to this level is utter insanity, it's best for you to get the hell out of here! before they toss you aGAIN."

No one is forcing you to try to understand anything. If you can't comprehend mind control within the music industry then don't. It's not a prerequisite for posting here.

However, I assure you that Henry Makow and other insiders do. So, don't worry your pretty little head about it.

It's not your problem.

Excuse me, RedRat, but I don't harrass you and I have not crossed any line.


I never said you were Bruce Springsteen.

That is what YOU SAID!

If they toss me again, it will be for my own good, because that's what they've always wanted for me.
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