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It looks like the left right up down sideways gyroscopic ideologies fight has stopped but some of the quotes were too good to pass up:

"The truth is they dont want full employment or secure employment.Although stats agencies both private and public are good at fudging unemployment figures to pretend they are creating more jobs."

( total employment would equal no military and therefore would equal no military industrial complex ) <- Goes good with the "all tax is theft" With out tax no military could exist .. I don't know too many people who would fight for their country , without getting paid , due to the social engineering US(the masses) vs THEM (the few governing bodies). I live in a country (canada) where all they do is take our money and piss it away and or steal it ( gun registry , a few faulty subs , Bronfman 800 million dollar tax exemption , adscam and a list of others )

So I did a search for canadian tax scams looking for a website ... I think its or net and I found this

'de-tax' seminars

Posted April 9, 2003

CRA in the Vancouver area has recently sent a court summons through the regular mail - in a provincial government envelope.
Should you receive a summons by either regular mail or by registered mail, JUST DISPOSE OF IT and DISREGARD. A proper summons MUST be served by a bailiff or by the police; and, the server must make an affidavit of service for court records.

Should the police attempt to arrest you at a later date for refusing to obey such a fraudulent summons, you need to refer to my self defense webpage linked below.

The scam is CRA's expectancy that you will void and return the summons, thus providing acknowledgment of service of such a (fraudulent) summons.

This is one instance where you DO NOT void and return CRA correspondence.

If a summons is served by bailiff or police, then follow the Detax program.
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