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Default Re: Do a little debt, sell a little oil, get down tonight, hey, get down tonight!

There has been no social studies curriculum in Nova Scotia since 1999???

The teachers are teaching what by whose guidlines?

Isn't social studies about history and geography of lands and nations of peoples and how they live?

The teachers don't/can't acknowledge the criminal history of absolute corruption to teach the kids so I guess history is anybody's guess here.

...probably what the Canuck poopaganda machine spews out in the local papers.

I agree jimbo, it's all WWf for me - as fake and as staged as a poorly acted wrestlemania production - that's how I see those pathetic assholes called politicians.

I think them kind of people lie so much that they may no longer differentiate a lie from the truth, in their own minds. They believe their own lies, the lies they tell themselves to justify what they do in secret, in short - scary but sometimes true.
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