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i can agree with you that in principal we are as human as the nwo set, and are prone to the same faults, and none by our selves are any better then the other.

no one can accept or reject anyone on this site its a free forum, anyone can disagree with anyone and that is fine its still a free country. but you must also know that the nwo is a religious issue and that the only religious world view that confronts them the nwo are the christians, all others either ignore them or participate of it. Thatís why you find many Christians in sites like these.

you say ďwhere is it written that if you are not christian, then you are one of 'them'. what's with that nonsenseĒ.

the only person I have heard this nonsense is from you, is this another vain attempt at planting a meme?

you started the thread with a noticably mocking tone and some of us cought you at it, btw
educational credentials can be meaningless in fact they can be hinderence.

and I remind you again that this is a forum to discuss issues and by definition it means that there will be confronting, if you don't like it or canít take it don't iniciate it. if we where all to think like you propose then we would be drones. I think that we can all agree and disagree, some times feathers are ruffled, so?

good in the nwo? i guess it would be good for people who think like them or who want to be part of them and for those that donít think at all. but for people who are against evil it will never be good.

no one here is going against religion, race, or heritage, so stop trying to create diversion issues here, and present your ideas and be ready to receive replies.

anyone can post any name here but they really donít mean anything cause we can never know if they are real.

But I do hope your family is real, may God bless them.
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