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Default Re: MEXAMERICANADA: It's coming


Dr. Ron Paul said, regarding NAU:

"Any movement toward a North American Union diminishes the ability of average Americans to influence the laws under which they must live. The SPP agreement, including the plan for a major transnational superhighway through Texas, is moving forward without congressional oversight and that is an outrage. The administration needs a strong message from Congress that the American people will not tolerate backroom deals that threaten our sovereignty."


As evidenced with the NAU and other committees within our government that are not under the oversight of Congress, such as the PNAC, backroom deals do not include them.

They have no say in the matters of "blueprints" for a New American Century or the NAU.

Even if the CONGRESS were to give the administration a strong message that the American people will not tolerate a union that threatens our sovereignty, which they will not, it doesn't matter.

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THEM and neither does CONGRESS! CONGRESS works for the "powers that be."

That the American people have power is an ILLUSION that has been created for US and Dr. Paul plays right into their hands with this statement.

Obviously, Ron Paul, whether elected into the White House or not, cannot stop the formation of the NAU either.

Inasmuch as he is a part of the Congress, perhaps he ought to start a movement within this branch of government and send a message to the "powers that be" that the American people will not tolerate a merging of these three countries.

Let's see how quickly they listen and put the breaks on this endeavor.

Go ahead, prove me right!
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