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Default Re: MEXAMERICANADA: It's coming

Just as an illusion has been created that the American people have power through their elected representatives in the Congress, so, too has an illusion been created that the CONGRESS and our elected representatives, including the President, have been placed in power through LEGAL and not fixed elections; and/or promised senate seats for life in exchange for thier allegiance and/or blackmailing for same.

So, too, has an illusion been created that the CONGRESS works for the people and not the "powers that be."

If CONGRESS truly had any POWER, our country would not be facing the fascist/Nazi regime that now controls America.

If the American people had any power over CONGRESS, we certainly would not be living in a police state with concentration camps on the horizon; a dictatorship that censors, searches and siezes its' citizens without due notice.

We would not have Homeland Security or the Patriot Act.

George Bush would not have been elected into the White House for two terms.

Dick Cheney would be behind bars.

911 would not have been.

JFK would be alive.

Ah, the list goes on and on!
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