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Default Re: Do a little debt, sell a little oil, get down tonight, hey, get down tonight!

Rewriting History: :-o :-o :-o

I'm not really sure, but I guess some gov official recording takes place, taken by their stenographers, & then of course there is the "Encyclopedia Britannica," & whoever writes & publishes it.

And then again, there is the devoted journalist or career historian (amateur or not), who might, upon their own convictions, keep records & personal notes of events as they unfold. Then this information might get passed down, to their siblings, or to others by means of journals, or books, etc. Such as let’s say, when people who play music pass this knowledge down to others w/o having to belong to any recognized or accepted overseeing body or institution. And that would be considered part of the “cultural heritage” of that society.

As for what “maripopinz” suggested about “no longer being able to differentiate between their “lies” & “reality”, yes, I agree. This behavior being characteristic of those w/ “multiple-personality syndrome,” & “sociopaths,” who at some point in their lives start lying in order to correct or stabilize some “reality” they can not “mentally” cope w/ or handle. Then, when they continue this behavior unchecked, it reaches a point where their “lies becomes their truth”, & sometimes they will either forget that anything ever happened, or they will “truthfully” (in their minds) deny the “truth”. Pretty sick, but real.

I know that in order to attain any degree of spirituality (getting in touch w/ your soul or spirit), you have to be “honest” w/ yourself. In order for you to be able to “heal” the “self”, you have to “acknowledge” the “truth”, at least to yourself. Otherwise you will remain “broken”. Sometimes you see in movies when someone momentarily sees themselves in the “mirror,” after a “traumatic episode,” & then crush it & break it. This is almost an “externalization” of an internally “broken personality.”

Lies usually belong to the “control freaks” or the control personalities, Most likely this behavior starts developing when very young. As they mature, they feel the power to be able to control both people & situations. If you are brought up to tell the truth, like I was, then you might for a very long time fall prey to these “freaks”. You assume others are like yourself, & you believe them. It takes a while to break from this spell, but when you do, then you can see right through these people. I say that a “liar” is always a “liar”. It never fails.
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