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Default Re: 9/11 or Princess Diana?

I would say that Princess Diana's death shook people almost in the same way when Elvis and John Lennon were either killed or died.

Probably because it was more personal. You felt a connection to these personalities. They moved you in some way or another.

It's easier to believe in a conspiracy against one individual's death rather than to accept a conspiracy against thousands as in the tower especially with the disaster that occurred.

That would mean your government is corrupt and in accepting this reality, everything you knew, everything you thought you knew, the illusion you have been living from cradle to grave is now null and void.

It's a frightening concept for some, so better to continue to live the lie.

If you can't look to your leaders to protect you, society, America, who then can you look to?

It's a frightening concept for some, so better to continue to live the lie.

As far as the towers, I think it's difficult for people to believe that our own government was a part of this atrocity because most have no clue as to the truth about the powers that be, the banksters, the Mafia, the CIA, the Mossad, the Illuminati, etc., etc.

The truth about America, our history, the world has been hidden for so long

I wrote about this on the MKULTRA thread started by JIMBO some time ago.

When you look to your government to protect you, you don't want to believe that they are a part of a group of men/women who want to destroy America, society, etc.

Besides, most people just go about their business thinking those who write about this are just conspiracy nuts!

That's what they've been told.

Just as they've been told that anyone, as myself, who recalls ritual satanic abuse, incarcerated in a mind control program with CIA involvement is either (1) having false memories or (2) paranoid.

When the CIA is out to get you, being paranoid to a certain degree is a by-product.

When the government abuses children in mind control programs and you've learned from a very young age not to trust the government; your government betrayed you, a certain degree of caution and/or paranoia is a by-product.
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