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RUready wrote:

RE: of belittling people--most of you people in this forum are no better than the NWO upper crust. look at you, unless someone is christian, you don't accept them. this site should contain peoples of all backgrounds/beliefs. the one thing that this CC is for is the unity of those against the NWO. where is it written that if you are not christian, then you are one of 'them'. what's with that nonsense. i thought you people were advanced/educated. how dare you come down hard on those who do not have your religious/christian/spiritual/faith, etc beliefs.
Dear RU,


You know what you wrote up there...thats PURE NWO.

People have the right to form groups and exclude people. It's called 'choosing'.

I dont have to welcome you and neither does anyone else.

Perhaps you'll find that it's your style rather than the fact you "ar'nt" Christian.

Personally, you dont bother me, though your views appear draped in a little rigid your comment that it's OBVIOUS that the bible is 'simple' metaphor.

Well it's not obvious to everyone and dare I say it a little presumptious of you.

You are entitled to your views as are everyone else...except Rush :-P Only joking Rush.

The NWO wants us all to be 'tolerent' and 'nice' and not kick up a fuss.

The Aboriginal people of my country adhered to this principal and look what happened to them.

I dont want to accept 'ALL' views or 'ALL' people. I want the right to pick and choose. I want the right to decide my values and those I share them with.

If people dont like my values they can FUCK off back to their own country of origen and leave Australia to the original theives.

Please dont tell me I have to be tolerent of anyone or anything.

Besides's your turn to be the plant!


I'm off to full time work next week people. Dont worry, my foul mouth will be going with me! Just a few days left to blather it about.

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