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Default Re: Why is Mike Rivero (WRH) lying to you?

Mike Rivero is a COMPLETE and UTTER ARROGENT ARSEHOLE and I can pick them as I am one myself.

He has successfully made a fool of himself over his pathetic attempts to 'prove' their was indeed a plane at the Pentagon.

Ne NEVER posts dissenting views and when disagreed with the tone turns real nasty real fast.

He claims he will not publish letters advocating violence but regularly calls for revoloution and 'catching up with' 'snitches'.

He absoloutly attacks religion instead of the people in it.

He is a home grown far left fool who will be the first lining up for a job with the U.N when it takes over as interim government of the U.S.

He has indeed inexplicably followed certain paths with certain subjects like 'melted' steel in the Towers when the so called 'science' never uses that term. Some telly commentators might but the so called 'experts' never use this term.

He calls for all hackers to be drawn and quatered but has openly defended Microsoft, the greatest single criminal corp in history. Paid for and run by the U.S intelligence services. Would you have 7 NSA representatives on your board of directors?

He constantly bleats that the Jooooze armed with a few Sunburn missiles and some comprimising photo's of Congressmen are going to start WW3 between Russia and the may be unconnected and sometimes stupid but I assure you 'they' ar'nt.

With all this bleating Rivero gives us the only hope...THE U.N.

Rivero, if you're not a stooge then you're at least a useful idiot.

But yes Sablefish, he is entertaining with his comments and i'd rather have him than not.

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