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Default Re: Einstein the Plagiarist

Yes, Edison certainly did. I think Edison was simply jealous and arrogent.

Morgan just wanted money full stop and could'nt understand Tesla and all his 'grand visions' for humanity.

I dont belive Rothschild and Co really got going suppressing Tesla till later. I think most just presumed him a crackpot with some useful ideas.

I believe Morgan may even have liked Tesla a little in a roundabout way.

Whatever the exact truth...there was NO WAY Tesla's finest works were going to make it to the market.

The only reason Tesla did'nt end up dead in a suicide, with a shot gun blast to the back of the head was because he withdrew when he felt betrayed by Edison and Morgan.

He was extremely shy and nieve. If he'd made a fuss he undoubtable would not have lived very long.

Perhaps too, certain people did'nt want him to go away. His ideas were revoloutionary. Finance him...before he finalises the work rip the carpet from under him, let him withdraw in disgust and keep the work.

In the end they probably knocked him off, alone and penniless in a New York hotel room.

His time will come.

We should all remember Goerge Westinghouse as well.

Tesla regarded him as a true friend and gentleman of commerce. The old fashioned self made kind before the socialist cartels got going headed by Rothschild.
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