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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

RedRat said:

BA there is a possibility that a patriot inside American Airlines Corporate structure decided to come clean, a distint possibility. I don't believe those flights existed, I'm convinced that those passengers were murdered before or after the "flights" and then military drone aircraft were flown into the "targets."


Come clean about what?

Telling the public that those flights didn't exist?

And, for what reason does this patriot do this?

Who did he leak this information to?

So, if he knows this, what else does he know?

That's all?

That's all he's going to say?

These flights didn't exist on September 11, but other than that my lips are sealed.

Give me a break!

Like I said, disinformation

They murdered hundreds of passengers where?

On the runway?

Instead of boarding them onto an aircraft sitting on the runway, they whisked them through a back door somewhere and murdered them and not one passenger called a family member and said, hey, something strange is going on here.

If military drone were used, why does that have anything to do with particular flights that leave every day from the same airport not being on the departure list that day?

Absolutely nothing.

Those flights could have left, been directed elsewhere and military drone flown into the towers.

Like I said, disinformation.

It doesn't matter whether those flights existed or not.

What matters is that hundreds of passengers boarded aircraft at those airports on September 11, 2001 and those flights, the flight numbers on their tickets, were either directed elsewhere and drone's flown into the towers or those flights flown into the towers.

Now, find a relative of a passenger who was on one of those flights and ask them what FLIGHT NUMBER was on their loved one's itinerary.

Go ahead.

Prove me right!
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