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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

redrat11 wrote:
Still Waiting!

Here we are nearly 6 years after 911, and still the so-called 911 conspiracy movement is yet to begin a competent investigation of this CIA/SPOOK
"corporation" MITRE!

what does this tell you? It should tell you that the almost entire "conspiracy" movement is and has been a sham to begin with! And I'm not talking about Zionism or the NWO, I'm talking about the 911 conspiracy sham. It's been hijacked entirely by the U.S. intelligence agencies (specifically the Military Intelligence)

For the last time I'm going to mention this SPOOK corporation MITRE, if there happens to be a intelligence operative who happens to be a patriot reading this PLEASE "Let the SunShine in on this Corporation" the only DAMM agency possible to coordinate, manipulate, execute, the disaster of 911, and also the only agency capable of covering up the preceeding aftermath!

The whole damm 911 conspiracy movement is a complete joke without a Investigation of this SPOOK Organization! Of course we'll get HIT again, The conspiracy moves forward! :-(
GEE, I wonder why I've been PERMANENTLY BANNED from many forums anytime I mention and getting info On MITRE. I love it when "they" show there true colors, what a blast!
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