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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

RedRat said:

BA, I realize your point of view, what I'm saying is that on 911 those flights were "rerouted" to the Atlantic Ocean and blown to bits, never to be recovered by anyone, the Military Industrial Complex, Zionist/Mossad/CIA etc.. has gained over a trillion dollars since that 911 day, look at all that happenned since that day, more MIComplex contracts for "security" around the United States.

I'm saying that those flights EXISTED!! When those four jumbo jets were reported as having crashed into the towers, shot down in Pennsylvania and crashed into the Pentagon, the loved one's of those passengers knew their family members were on those flight numbers. They were not murdered at the airport. They boarded those flights.

As I said, whether drones hit the towers, whether the aircraft in Pennsylvania went astray and had to be shot down, whether a drone hit the Pentagon, those flights exited; whether they were directed elsewhere or not, blown to bits as you say, THOSE FLIGHTS EXISTED and this person who states they did not is nothing but a disinformation agent.

NORAD was conducting exercises on 911. What kind of exercises? Maybe directing those flights elsewhere with pirates behind the wheels. Maybe blowing them to pieces. I don't know. But, what I know, is that those FLIGHTS departed with hundreds of passengers on board who were killed in one way or another or KIDNAPPED. As far as the aftereffects of 911, we're all aware of what has occurred.

I'm saying there is a bunch of incredibly EVIL people within our government, however there is also a good number of patriots who have been outright killed or "kidnapped" from speaking anything about 911, we probably never will hear the real story.

Really? There are EVIl people in our government? Do you think you're telling me something I don't know? Did you just realize this? There are evil people everywhere, even in the Musical Industrial Complex. Who has been killed or kidnapped from speaking about 911? If so, you better watch your back!
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