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Default Prayer that Works for me.

Everytime I feel depressed or lonely or fearful, I can always count on GOD to see me through my situation with a firm giudance. It's really very simple, especially if your faith can never be "stolen" from you, The NWO knows many secrets on how to steal your soul and damage you internally, they do this to bring you into the fold of Lucifer.

I sense someone out-there perhaps can understand why I write this, or perhaps they need giudance and help from GOD, either way for some reason I feel I have to share this TREMENDOUS prayer, only GOD knows.

Anyhow I will write a prayer with safety and peace in mind, keep in mind a person can change the words to suit there need at the time.

Dear Father in the Heavens, let your will take place up there in the heavens and here upon the Earth, let you kingdom come in all it's glory.

Dear GOD I pray to you in Jesus Christ Name, he is my Savior and King.

Dear GOD I pray that you see me through these evil times, give me peace and strength to overcome the daily evil attempting to destroy me, I beg you to forgive me of my sinful nature, I try hard and hard to battle my imperfections, only with your giudance can I overcome the incredible evil destroying humanity, I for one will ALWAYS RELY ON YOUR INCREDIBLE LOVE AND COMPASSION. In JESUS NAME.

The Honor, The Glory, and the Praise, belong to you GOD ALMIGHTY FOREVER AND EVER. Amen.

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