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Default Re: It Depends On What Kind Of Stuff You Are Smoking

If you visit this website and post or try to fight for a belief YOU are already a glitch in the matrix. I would have never thought about this non rotation of the Earth maybe in the dark ages you could get guillotined for saying such things. Is the earth flat? Have you ever been in outer space beyond the atmosphere? Have you heard of planet X? Are there UFO's that are not man made with aliens on them traveling the regions of space? If yes to any of above questions? Do you have hard evidence to back up your claims?
I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with this post its like the water that goes down a toilet counter-clock wise south of the equator. What if that was a grand hoax? I have never been south of the equator to experience this and therefore have to rely on someone elses claims.
Which comes to the point of this website a Forum where we can post a belief and see who says what. I'd say hold off the personal attacks and attack the opinion. This allows constructive criticism and might open both eyes of the aggressor and the defender.
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