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Default U.S. District Court Unseals 9/11 "Inside Job" Case

Dr Morgan Reynolds is the former Chief Economist of the US Dept of Labor and is represented by attorney Jerry Leaphart.

Reynolds is demanding a Trial By Jury.

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Reynolds Makes a Federal Case of 9/11
Sues NIST Contractors for 9/11 Plane Fraud

Morgan Reynolds
August 21, 2007


Last month, the U.S. District Court, Southern New York, unsealed a 9/11 case filed by Dr. Morgan Reynolds, thereby making the case public. Reynolds is suing on behalf of the United States of America after the U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York who represents "the government" declined to intervene in the case. The suit, a so-called qui tam case, alleges that the 9/11 contractors NIST hired to investigate destruction of the WTC Towers on 9/11 defrauded the U.S. government of substantial money by rendering bogus, impossible physical analysis and animations about how two hollow aluminum aircraft (allegedly Boeing 767s) flew into a steel/concrete tower and disappeared. Yet it can be easily demonstrated, after a great deal of hard work by dedicated 9/11 researchers, that no planes hit the towers. The office of Reynolds' attorney, Jerry V. Leaphart of Connecticut, is now serving(notifying) the defendants in the suit, including Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Applied Research Associates (ARA), Boeing, American Airlines, United Airlines and Silverstein Properties. I will post new information on the case as developments warrant.

Unsealed Complaint PDF here.

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