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Default Re: VERY IMPORTANT Doco On Iraq Debacle

truebeliever wrote:
Here we have THE reason for the Iraq debacle.

The DELIBERATE plunging of Iraq into chaos to allow the eradication of the Iraqi Intellectual, Business and Political Elite who could make trouble for Israeli expansionist dreams and Zionist/Globalist plans for economic liberalism in the region.


"The Lost Year In Iraq" - Choice Exerpts

Part 1 of 6 Of Full Video

Google Video are not allowing the doco to play on their site.

Here you go BA, TB made this thread to bring up the fact that he thinks there was a deliberate "cleansing" of the productive business class in Iraq by the Zionist to install Economic Slavery to the middle-east, makes sense to me, although I think there's more to it than that.
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