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Default Re: VERY IMPORTANT Doco On Iraq Debacle

Why is this thread worth being back on the top?
It is here to counter the crap that the U.S is in Iraq to maintain more control over oil in the region and prevent a move towards the Euro for oil trade.

This is the "ACCEPTABLE" excuse that the average pleb will in..."it is unfortunate that greed and our dependence on oil is causing us to create chaos in the Middle East. This is unfortunate but I guess this is how the world works."

What the average website/blog wont tell you is that the U.S is under TOTAL control of the Judaic Supremacists and their political Zionist movement.

The U.S is fighting and dying and killing in the Middle East for I-S-R-E-A-L and it's plans to "re-shape" the area to make it suitable for it's border expansion plans for "Greater Israel" which is CENTRAL to the Judeo/Masonic plans for the occult seat of the anti-Christ.

Also, the Middle East has been a bastion of DIRECT opposition to the concept of "Globalization". This has to be removed. Consult Thomas Barnett and his lecture "The Pentagons New Map" for the details on that. Here are some extracts I put up on YouTube...

The Pentagons New Map - EXTRACT 1

The Pentagons New Map - EXTRACT 2

Here is the full 2+ hour presentation on Google. If your going to understand fully what is going on with the war on Islam then you must understand this lecture and you MUST understand Israeli border expansion plans...

The Pentagons New Map - FULL

Also, lets drop "Illuminati" and replace it with "Judeo/Masonry". Freemasonry IS Jewish Kabbahla which once was Egyption sun god worship.

To get up to speed you must visit these web sites...

The French Connection

Jewish Racism.Com

There are more including Jim Condits great web site.

Here is a link to ALL the lectures you will ever need to understand the religious, cultural and political views of the Judaic Supremacists and their quest to make the land of Palestine the seat of the anti-christ and the capital of the world...

Lectures by Christopher Jon Bjerknes & Darryl bradford smith & others.

Please point out to me the importance of this thread.
Spend a weekend on the links i've provided and i'm sure you'll get it.

The administration was alerted to the pictures when they were posted, TB.
Yeh? Maybe Henry likes them? They are still up.

A day late and a dollar short, I would say.
Touche. On matters of much more importance.
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