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Default Re: Hitler and the Secret Societies by Julius Evola

Short of everything written being a lie, one of the themes present throught is Hitlers Illuminist thinking.

He considered his religion like that of the Grail Legend and the tale of Parsifal's search for it. That he was in no need of a God and he himself created his own destiny.

I gather in some quotes he was well aware of the work of Carl Jung.

I believe Hitler may of had a 'transcendent' experience during WW1 or perhaps before.

This set him apart in his own eyes.

He was known as 'the white crow' by his comrades during WW1. Often fearless and certainly brave. It was said that his entire company was practically wiped out during an attack with Hitler not recieving a scratch.

He believed in divine providence here and there, that he was special.

He was well read on Plato and loved his work 'The Republic', especially the idea of a special caste of man...'The Philosopher Kings', the intellectual, business and political Elite.

It is verified (as far as that goes) that over 30 specific attacks on Hitlers life took place between 1939 and 1945. He escaped every one.

His cap was made of Tungsten and weighed a ton. Hitler felt he could be removed at any moment and feared assassination greatly. He took extreme precautions.

Obviously, not all of Deutschland was in love with the Fuhrer. Especially the Prussian Masonic Officer Class.

Himmler was certainly more of an occultist.

Hitler prefered his architecture.

It may be 50-100 years before the truth of the greatest slaughter in history comes to light.

P.S Hitler also had a drug habit. Sparodic use of 'Pervitin' (benzedrine) tablets at first but as the war went on and things got bad he was a heavy user of I.V Methamphetamine which was invented by German chemists in 1933.

He also took Cocain eyedrops.

Hitlers eyes certainly 'shone' as would your off your tit's on Meth.
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