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Default Re: VERY IMPORTANT Doco On Iraq Debacle

TB, if your still out there can you explain just how the outcome is "supposed" to end in Iraq. my opinion is that the "debacle" you write of is somewhat true, however at this point in history is there really a 'safe' way out without the U.S. losing it's world leadership status.(oil supply routes,oil reserves,economic dominance, etc..)

You cannot discount the growing and technologically advanced militaries of Russia and China, you do realize that they will indeed defend Iran if it comes down to it? People here in the States have been led to believe America is militarily stronger and thus invincible, this is far from the truth, all China for example has to do is plunge the dollar overnight to nothing status, then the West is basically overwith, the calamity and chaos in the economy would cripple the country, but not only that, being stretched thin worldwide militarily will mean that Russia can do even more damage at will anywhere they want to. (Latin America, Central Asia Dominance.)

China and Russia I dare say are not 100% in the "JUDEO-MASONIC-ZIONIST" pocketbook, I doubt if they are puppets-on-a-string like the U.S. is.

Yes, the Zionist have "invested" heavily at taxpayer expense in those countries, but, those countries for the most part have RIDDEN themselves of the Zionist Parasites, at least I think so.

Yes there is ALOT more to the story then what meets the eye, you've heard the line "everybody- wants- to- rule- the- world"

Here's proof of American Counter-Insurgency (suicide-bombers) madness in Iraq.

Bloody Bombs

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