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Default Re: VERY IMPORTANT Doco On Iraq Debacle

RedRat said:

TB, if your still out there can you explain just how the outcome is "supposed" to end in Iraq. my opinion is that the "debacle" you write of is somewhat true, however at this point in history is there really a 'safe' way out without the U.S. losing it's world leadership status.(oil supply routes,oil reserves,economic dominance, etc..)


Does RedRat seriously think TB can explain just how the outcome is "supposed" to end in Iraq?


Does TB have a crystal ball or something?

RedRat is concerned that there isn't a way out of Iraq without the US losing it's world leadership status?

The US is looked upon as a leader??

A leader of what?



Terrorisims against their own people?

That's not considered leadership, my man.

That's considered brut force!

You need a course in Terrorism "101," pal!
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