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Default Re: U.S. District Court Unseals 9/11 "Inside Job" Case

Yes, the planes were hanging out of the towers. Saw it with my own eyes on the stock market channel. Think it was 67. The plane was hanging out of the building and the tower was burning.

There are plenty of videos of this on the web.

It was reported that a small plane hit the tower at that point.

Most videos you supply show smoke and not the aircraft hanging out of the building.

These are available.

I'm sure video can be altered; however, that was not what I addressed in your post.

I specifically questioned the FEDERAL CASE.

You are not addressing my questions, but rather directing the discussion to the planes.

That is not the point.

My questions remain the same.

I will not repeat them.

I have listed them in a previous post.

I am not going to discuss what hit the towers and what didn't.

THE FACT remains that something brought the towers down and thousands of innocent people were murdered on September 11, 2001 with the cooperation of the United States of America when a Stand Down of the US Military was called.
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