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Default "Bloody Passover" byProf. Ariel Toaff

"Pasque di Sangue" ("Bloody Passover"), the suppressed Israeli-Italian
history book on Judaic ritual murder has been translated into English!

"I therefore admit as true the fact of the sainted Simon, the boy of
three years of age killed by Jews in hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ
in Trent in the year 1475 [...] I accept as true another crime,
committed in the village of Rinn, diocese of Bressanone, in 1462,
against the sainted Andrea, a boy barbarously killed by the Jews in
hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ [...] --Pope Clement XIV, Jan. 19,
1760. (From p. 70 of "Bloody Passover" by Israeli history Prof. Ariel

Pope Clement was tellling the truth! And an Israeli Professor agrees!

Thanks to Michael Santomauro for distributing the text and the intrepid
Italian translators, Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti, who
rendered it into English, Israeli Prof. Ariel Toaff's shattering history
book CONFIRMING JUDAIC RITUAL MURDER, titled Pasque di Sangue ("Bloody
Passover") is circulating in a pdf. file online.

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