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Default Re: U.S. District Court Unseals 9/11 "Inside Job" Case

So, CB, this brings up some very good questions.

Particularly, how did the aircraft that hit the towers penetrate concrete or, as you say, glide through the towers?

Wouldn't that be similar to a train traveling at 600 miles per hour and slamming into a concrete wall?

Would the train penetrate the wall?

In the case of the towers, I was watching CNBC and Mark something or other was reporting that a small plane crashed into the first tower.

The image of this plane was shown with the back section hanging out of the tower and the nose and part of the front section inside the building. There was fire around it before the explosion/detonation.

I watched it hang, "suspend" from mid-air for what seemed like five minutes or longer.

How could this be?

The front section went through the concrete and was resting on something and the back section didn't break apart after having just slammed into a concrete wall?

Why didn't this aircraft crumble like an accordian and plummet to the ground after slamming at what 600 mph into a concrete building with reinforced steel?

How many feet above the ground was the first plane that hit?

Whatever that distance, we'd have to assume that it was traveling at that altitude before it slammed into the tower.

Didn't anyone on the ground hear the noise this plane would have generated flying so low through the street of New York?

Did anyone look up and see this plane slam into the tower?


Are you telling me that the only videos that exist are of planes GLIDING through the towers and an immediate crumbling of the buildings. That would be ridiculous.

How could a plane glide through the building and cause an immediate crumbling of the towers if it weren't for a detonation?

You'll have to find this Mark person and everyone else who was reporting this on 911.

I certainly am not the only person who was watching the "stock market" channel that day.
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