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Default Re: Systematic Subversion of the Catholic Church; Paedophilia, Satanism, Illuminism

Hello TB:
Just read your interesting posting. Maybe you can answer this for me.

First off, I'm not a 'church' person. But to get to the point: example: local Baptist church----huge!----added on another extension onto the 'HUGE' church, when you walk into this Taj Mahal just to find that you have gotten in your daily 3-mile walk! I'm not kidding. There's even a 'huge' cafe, a 'huge' bookstore, a 'huge' kitchen and auditorium.

No school on premises other than bible classes and singles group stuff.

Well anyway, people give and support this stuff. Pray tell, who actually holds possession of this church and all its 'business' documents? How does this work exactly? This isn't like the one story, tax exempt church you and I and others went to when we were children.

What is it with these MEGA churches??

They make me uncomfortable. But then I like Barry Manilow.
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