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Default Re: Max has an excellant idea!!!!!!!!! print on all currency

I must say Mary, that in all the countless posts I've made online, this has got to be the best reception I've ever had. Thanks!!

Anyway, I like the idea of the stamp- I think I'll get one of those that you put the letters together yourself (mini kit).

No question there are sites with better info than -- but what I like about it is that in basically two short words it can spark a curiously for anyone. While I much prefer the work of Alex Jones and Henry I don't think their URLs would have the same effect to a mind controlled type person. For example, infowars is a bit meaningless until you understand what one is!!

If anyone has any other short URLs that they think would be as good- let me know. Could aways add a second URL to a site with better info on the back of the bill.

Jane- as for being monitored- no question about it. I'm sure I'm on the "red list" for the concentration camps with all the surfing I've done! :-? :-o :-) But, I'm not going to worry about it. What ever happens, happens. I will not be afraid to do what I need to do. Of course, I will be as smart as possible about it.
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