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Default Re: Systematic Subversion of the Catholic Church; Paedophilia, Satanism, Illuminism

Hey GR.

I actually have just deleted a long response filled with lots of information and more of my soap box monolouges.

I have a better response...slightly shorter but still a monolouge.

What do YOU think of all that you describe in your post?

Close your eyes...Imagine Jesus. Dusty robes. Worn sandals. Riding on a donkey.

Imagine him preaching of love and compassion at a time when it was'nt exactly vogue. Accepting a prostitute. Healing the sick.

Also imagine him, whip in hand running the money changers from the temple.

Would Jesus attend a board meeting?

Ladle food for the homeless?

Jesus was about the word of God.

Jesus was about healing souls.

Jesus was about spiritual food.

Any half wit can feed the poor.

At best the churches are nothing more than glorified social workers.

They are safe havens for people who cannot stand alone before God. These people FEAR God.

You do more GR by posting here than attending a SINGLE, boring, passive, feel good service.

My hero is Jesus Christ followed by Martin Luthar...a VERY flawed human being who put his money and life where his mouth was.

The so called preachers of truth today are a complete joke.

Allow yourself to be disgusted.

Should Jesus descend he will garanteed not be appearing in Church.

Ahmed makes more sense every day.

P.S Dont worry...they make me sick...but I like John Denver. At da copah...copah la la la la la la lala...yeh!
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