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Personal Message from Kenny Wally:


Hi BA,

I'm getting verbal abuse by a few posters on another site and I'm not really well versed on "comebacks" and mindgames. I was hoping for some honest tips on handling them, besides stop posting there [ which I may do eventually ].

I used to naively think they were just ignorant , but I've come to think it's their job to be there , because they have only one objective, which is making stupid comments about politics along with the uninformed posters or smearing anyone who tries to really examine the story/comment in question.

I tried the honest approach but it was useless , hence my feeling it's their job to be there. I suppose there could be more than one as well.

Since you've gone thru so much , I thought you'd be the person to ask.


I don't frequent internet forums. It is unproductive to spend my time arguing politics with posters who may be there just for that purpose.

I confine myself to this site because I am dedicated to exposing MKULTRA/Project Monarch; my incarceration in this "satanic cult" and my exploitation in the music industry as a sex slave. I am an EXPERT in this subject and therefore it does not lend itself to much debate. It was MY experience. Who can challenge that other than calling me paranoid, telling me to seek help, etc.

I am here imparting my INTELLIGENCE and KNOWLEDGE as to the 'secret government.'

I was trained at a very early age to be an OPERATIVE against the "corrupt" entity that incarcerated me.

The CIA and the government of the United States of America.

Plain and simple.

I don't handle others. I handle myself.

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