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666 wrote:
It's all about the 3 Ms


Control the first and you will control the
other two and then control all.

The US politicians say Irak is now ready for an election ... this means they have already
bought up or control all the key media in Irak paid for the new printers the NWO control ...

remember the "president" now in charge is

former CIA and this is admitted !
First, I can't say that I think to highly of your handle, but if you want to use that number as your handle that's your business.

Now to the subject. In general you are correct about how control works, but there have been quiet a few exceptions to that rule in history. The Revolutionary War is a prime example of where the money lost control, and it took the money from 1776 till 1865 to regain the influence it had prior to 1776, and from 1865 till 1913 to gain complete control over the politics of the U.S.

Even after the federal reserve scam, and income tax were enacted in 1913 the money was still on precarious ground until it managed to engineer the depression, and WWII. I would say that they were not completly safe untill the mid 70's. At least up until then there were enough people around, that still had the capacity to understand what was occuring, that had someone with enough political ability come along to oppose the money they could have done so successfully.

Unfortunatly, during the depression, and WWII, a notion that was completly alien to the U.S. started to become dominate, that notion being to trust the government. Of course the money encouraged this notion since it granted the government more and more control. That notion is now the dominate political philosophy of both the left & the pseudo-right. The only real opposition to that philosophy comes from those of us they now call paleo-cons, and libertarians.

What is even more amazing (to me at least, speaking as a Southerner) is that the republiRats have managed to convince most Southerners (who have far more reason than most to distrust the government) to adopt this philosophy through their so called "Southern strategy" first employed by nixon, who when asked about it stated "watch what I do, and not what I say". The republiRat Southern strategy was to give lip service to traditional conservative concerns in order to get elected, and then do as the money wanted them to once in office.

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.
--Thomas Paine, Dissertation on First Principles of Government, December 23, 17...
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