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Default Re: Hitler was not a dummie as Makow states.. from another source

Hitler is indeed a strange character. An enigma. I still cant get a clear picture of him.

A good book on him by Hugh Trevor Roper is a compilation over a three year period of his casual conversations with friends and confidants at his various operational headquaters.

It's called "Hitlers Table Talk".

Some one complained to me on L.F that the book was regarded as a "fake" but I have found no supporting evidence of this and to be honest, if you were going to "fake" a book of Hitlers midnight "Meth" rants you might want to include a few juicy comments allegedly by him like..."by golly, Herman says the gassing and cremation of Jews is going well. Should be over at Christmas".

As it is there is'nt a SINGLE reference to "Concentration Camps" or "Work Camps" in the whole book. NOTHING regarding a "holocaust" or anything remotely resembling it. Not even a hint. In fact the only loose point on the subject is Hitler promising to send the Jews of Europe to Madagascar at the first opportunity as there was no way he was going to give them their wish of transport to Palestine.

In fact, Hitler talks of his distaste for Goerings hunting fetish and how he wants to ban smoking once the war is over.

He remarks strongly against "Jewish Sewer Humour" and the exploitation of German girls in dance halls.

I could go on and on.

In fact, if you hadn't heard another word about him you would want to vote for him.

That being said...Adolph Hitler is not for me. He was a vengeful man and though I find the Holocaust a fraud as it stands today one cannot say he was a man of compassion. Just look at his speeches. Look at the euthanasia program in Germany. Look at the "Commissar Order" given to German commanders in the field in Russia...cruel. Look at the complete lack of care for Russian POW's. Look at his racist remarks regarding the Slav peoples.

Again, we could go on and on.

Just like Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin he was a cruel puppet of cruel Zionist bankers.
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