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Default Re: VERY IMPORTANT Doco On Iraq Debacle

TB, if your still out there can you explain just how the outcome is "supposed" to end in Iraq. my opinion is that the "debacle" you write of is somewhat true, however at this point in history is there really a 'safe' way out without the U.S. losing it's world leadership status.(oil supply routes,oil reserves,economic dominance, etc..)
As Ron Paul stated..."We marched right on in their and we can march right on back out".

The job is done.

Zionists have full control of the country.

Local, controllable "fiefdoms" have been set up and are easily paid off.

The North is completely controlled by Israel who have bought up large tracts of land there.

The intellectual, politcal and business Elite are dead or left the country. Many are coming to Australia.

The U.S will NEVER completely pull out of the country. They will sit in huge bases and control vital oil routes and transport points and infrastructure and leave the Iraqi's to a new and bloody, thug regime controlled by Israel.

You cannot discount the growing and technologically advanced militaries of Russia and China, you do realize that they will indeed defend Iran if it comes down to it?
Mate, sorry, but how many times do I have to write this on forums?

China is OWNED by the Zionists!!!!!!

The same ones that own the U.S. The same ones that own the Central banks of Europe and the U.K.

Look! A freakin Jewish American Linguist from military intelligence is Mao's right hand man!

Sidney Rittenberg

Rittenberg is now selling his memoirs back in California after being present when Americans were being killed and frozen to death in Korea and elsewhere. Something is not quite right?

50 billion a month gets pumped into that country! 50 billion! Where do you think it comes from? From their anuses! Where do the laser lathes come from? Where do the factories come from? From where does the foreign capital come? The same place the Communists got it and the same place the Nazi's got it!!!!!! is 101 people. 101!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mao was training with Chang Kia Shek and Ho Chi Min in the communist training schools in Paris! (I'm researching this now). Chang became a Christian and started talking about "democracy" and "elections" and he was dumped and funding was switched to Mao and the Communists who could be easily controlled with a thuggish centralized government. At the time of the dumping Chang Kia Shek had Mao on the ropes on the "Long March". Then, with funds and arms cut off Chang Kia Shek fled to Taiwan.

The same with Ho Chi Mihn. He too decided he loved the American constitution (he wrote to Trueman i believe) and the idea's of "democracy". We know then what happened there.

China is a JOKE militarily! It cant steer a ship and it cant do anything but run in a straight line under threat of a firing squad if they retreat. It is a HUGE peasant army made up of illiterate morons.

There ultra high tech was given them by the U.S. The rest is over rated Russian flim flam which looks sexy but cant compete with stealth and the amazing AAMRAM missile in the U.S arsenal.

China nor Russia can take on the U.S with a few "Sunburn" missiles. it aint gonna happen.

People here in the States have been led to believe America is militarily stronger and thus invincible, this is far from the truth,
I believe they said that in WW1. WW2. Korea. Vietnam. Iraq 1. Iraq 2 and NOW with China. How many more whippins do the U.S have to hand out before someone takes notice that the 50,000 pound gorilla in the sleeping beauty dress is neither asleep nor particularly beautiful?

And before someone yells..."hey! The U.S was run out of Vietnam and the north of Korea!" Yeh, but not before they killed 3-6 million Asians, laid waste to millions of acres of farming land generally wiped out anything that moved and if Trueman was'nt such a freakin Zionist hand maiden, MacArthur would have nuked China and been done with it - back to his pad for tea and a puff on his corn cob pipe.

all China for example has to do is plunge the dollar overnight to nothing status, then the West is basically overwith, the calamity and chaos in the economy would cripple the country,
And how does China...a country with 800 million poor peasants it can barely control...fair in all this? China buys weapons and grain with what? Foreign capital and investment. Every time you buy a Chinese trinket at WalMart, you buy wheat for the peasants of China. And with the U.S and the Wests economies in ruins how do you think China escapes the chaos? Who will but there lawn mowers and blenders?

but not only that, being stretched thin worldwide militarily will mean that Russia can do even more damage at will anywhere they want to. (Latin America, Central Asia Dominance.)
I guess the only thing to U.S can do then is nuke the hell outta Iran and Syria and maybe Chavez in that case? After is sooooooooo weak and we can all blame that fundamentalist, conservative Christian for that cant we?

Just like Israel, the media and the propaganda arms in general must portray the 50,000 pound gorilla as a vulnerable virgin who can barely defend herself.

THEN she lashes out!

I think it was an adviser to Kennedy who stated the U.S cannot appear "too rational" lest people believe she will not wield the big stick.

China and Russia I dare say are not 100% in the "JUDEO-MASONIC-ZIONIST" pocketbook, I doubt if they are puppets-on-a-string like the U.S. is.
China is ABSOLUTELY a puppet on a string!

Russia I am not so sure about. I am researching an article now on that. Putin is backed by the Russian Orthodox Church which is well known as in bed with organized crime in Russia. Organized crime means the Judeo/Russian mafia. Also, the Bolsheviks infiltrated the Church for over 70 years and the orthodox Church OUTSIDE Russia would have NOTHING to do with the Church inside Russia until just recently and even THEN few were happy about it.

The Church insde Russia is not trusted.

Putin through out a few Jewish Oligarchs. Yeh, it was good to see but we know how cunning the bastards are. I dont know yet about Putin.

Yes, the Zionist have "invested" heavily at taxpayer expense in those countries, but, those countries for the most part have RIDDEN themselves of the Zionist Parasites, at least I think so.
As long as you require 50 billion+ in direct foreign capital investment you have not "ridden" yourself of any parasites.

Putin is RIDING HIGH on the massive oil revenues being generated by the high oil price. Russians have always looked out for themselves and I assure you they couldn't give a damn about Iran but they sure like the $10 per barrel increase every time the Iranian leadership open their big mouths and stick their fingers up at Israel and the U.S.

Yes there is ALOT more to the story then what meets the eye, you've heard the line "everybody- wants- to- rule- the- world"
Sure, me too.

But my wallet and propaganda mechanisms will never stand up to Rothschild's and the "True Believers" in his world wide 'management arm' that believe in their heart and soul that the white man should rule the world from Jerusalem.
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