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Jimbo, I checked out those Schwarz links, will look more at them later. Oil IS a deceptive issue. I gave the links above because there's some surprising info in them about the Vietnam War, and possibly about nuclear power. Standard Oil is now BP-Amoco apparently. A century ago Rockefeller used proxies and shell companies to hide the fact that he monopolized a key segment of the supply chain. I suspect there are many fronts, with dummies working for someone else.

Truebeliever, I will look further at your links. I know Vialls promotes the abiotic theory of oil and who knows? I think he admitted that even if the supply is limitless it is limited in the amount that can be extracted per day. One way of thinking about it is like putting a straw in an orange. There may be a lot of juice in there, but surely by taking stuff out of the earth we are changing it?

Gasoline is typically cheaper than bottled water.
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