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Default Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden

This is absolutely sickening. This man, who is not the mastermind of 911, but works for the "secret government" is planning to address the American people regarding the anniversary of 911. Stop referring to this HORRENDOUS ACT as an ANNIVERSARY.
"secret government" = ZIONISTS

The terroist entertainment networks has announced that Osama is releasing a new video. The media arm of al-Qaida has informed us this is his first production (images) in nearly three years. Oh, boy. We sure have missed him. Where does the CIA keep him hidden? One of their underground bunkers, perhaps.
"terroist entertainment networks" = ZIONISTS


I would say that any new video would serve to highlight what the "secret government" has planned against the citizens of America.
"secret government" = ZIONISTS

Can also substitute - NEO-BOLSHEVICKS, JUDEO/MASONRY, JUDAIC SUPREMACISTS. All are perfectly acceptable.
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