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Default Woman Wearing Mini-Skirt on Airline Asked to Change

This is ridiculous.

Recently, a plane made an unscheduled landing because a mother was breastfeeding on the plane and, according to the flight attendant, there was too much exposure.

I'm not sure if this plane diverted and the passenger disembarked at an airport of which was not her destination.

Another incident, a mother's child was too loud and the flight attendant told her to keep her child quiet and suggested benadryl.

I think this plane was also diverted and the mother and child left stranded at an airport which was not their destination.

A woman wearing a short skirt on Southwest Airlines was asked to change.

She had nothing to change into so they gave her a blanket and said, "they'll have no knees showing."


These flight attendants seem to be wielding power which is unwarranted.

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