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Default Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden

SYDNEY, Australia - President Bush said Saturday that Osama bin Laden's first video appearance in three years is a reminder of "the dangerous world in which we live."

The world wouldn't be so dangerous if the CIA didn't fund, support, develop, own, operate and train terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda. So glad you use your "bogeyman" to reinforce how dangerous a world we live in when the world is dangerous because of people like you who seek to destroy America, control the population, create famine and disease and allowed 911 to occur. Why was a STAND DOWN ordered on September 11, 2001? To make the world a more dangerous place? Why hasn't Bin laden been captured and/or killed? So he can be used to instill fear and remind all of us how dangerous a world we live in while he is being sheltered in a CIA safe-house.

"It's important that we show resolve and determination to protect ourselves, to deny al-Qaida safe haven and support young democracies, which will be a major defeat to their ambitions," Bush said about the video released just days before the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

In a 30-minute speech addressed to Americans, bin Laden boasts about the impact of the 2001 attacks, mocks the democratic system of government in the United States and lambastes the Bush administration for initiating the war in Iraq.

"I found it interesting that on the tape, Iraq was mentioned, which is reminder that Iraq is a part of this war against extremists," Bush said. "If al-Qaida bothers to mention Iraq it's because they want to achieve their objectives in Iraq, which is to drive us out and to develop a safe haven. And the reason they want a safe haven is to launch attacks against America or any other ally."

Why is it because bin Laden mentions Iraq it's a reminder that Iraq is a part of this war against extremists? Bin laden lambasted the administration for launching a war in Iraq. A war that was based on false intelligence which you knew was false. Al-Qaeda was not there until you invaded. And, if they are there now, the CIA is arming and funding them so we CAN'T get out until the "Illuminist's" goals have been met. They didn't have a safe-haven in Iraq. Seems when all is said and done, they just might now that you've drawn them there. Isn't that an objective?

Bush spoke about the al-Qaida video during a photo opportunity with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The two leaders are in Australia for the annual summit of 21 Pacific Rim nations. He talked about the tape after thanking Japan for its support of the war.

"The tape is a reminder about the dangerous world in which we live, and it's a reminder that we must work together to protect our people against these extremists who murder the innocent in order to achieve their political objectives," he said.

You murdered the innocent on 911 and continue to murder innocent American military personnel and innocent Iraqi citizens. You and your ilk.

(This version CORRECTS that Bush spoke about the video on his own, not in response to question.)
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