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Default Re: The WHAT Game? The End Game.

RedRat said:

They will one day RULE THE WORLD YOU SAY?

One Day.

BA, I don't know what your 'game' is, but, you have repeatedly mentioned that the Zionist Jews don't control anything, and that it's the Illuminati behind everything, this you have mentioned dozens of times on this forum. Now suddenly you seem to be on the "Zio-Jew" bandwagon, why is this?

I don't have a game, RedRat. I have never repeatedly mentioned that the Zionist Jews don't control anything. Please provide a QUOTE. I have written about the Jews owning the media. I have written about the Illuminati, etc. They are all a part of the same mechanism and not all of them are ZIONIST JEWS. Just as I replied to TB in another thread when he suggested that everyone involved was a Zionist Jew. They are not. Just as I replied to you in in this thread. Those at the top are Zionist Jews.

Could it be you have seen the light? I want everyone reading this to know that I'm not a RACIST person of any sort, I don't hate Jews or any Race, that's not how I was raised, In fact I was raised in a very diverse neighborhood of many races. Many of you reading this probably think that if a person writes so much of the true evil, and true evil-doers (Jews) of this world they must be racist. Wrong! The difference is the Sub-Culture within Jewry called Zionist, they have over many thousands of years carefully, and precisely culled humanity into their bidding, very clever people, Now show me what other race on Earth can claim that dispicable heritage on a World Wide Scale.

You shouldn't fear being called a racist because you mention that Zionist Jews are a part of the Illuminati. They are the controllers at the top. They control the media. They control the money. That ain't no secret, RedRat. You haven't shed light on anything new.
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