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Default Re: Woman Wearing Mini-Skirt on Airline Asked to Change

redrat11 wrote:

Oh, you suggest they require that do you? and that flight attendants have no right to ban anyone they want for what they're wearing.

Unless there is a dress code, flight attendants do not have the right to ban anyone for what they're wearing. What?? Spiked high heels next? They don't like the color of my dress? My blouse is too revealing for their personal tastes? How 'bout my hair? Do they like the color? Will they offer me a hat to cover it up?

Flight attendants are there FOR SAFETY PURPOSES. Certainly, if someone is exhibiting their body parts, or without a shirt or pants, they wouldn't be allowed to board. This woman boarded.

Ok, what about a person dressed in muslim garb, acting suspicous? or a person wearing a long trenchcoat of some sort, (who knows what could be underneath) yes dress codes do exist on airlines, the problem is they've become too damm politically correct, and therefore afraid to get sued by the ACLU and other commie groups. Do you want law and order, or no law and disorder?

She was wearing a skirt. Why are you talking about Muslims and someone acting suspicious? That's a completely different subject.

A trench coat would be checked at the security point.

Yeah, RedRat, I want Flight Attendants to be responsible for law and order. If you recall, the subject was about a woman wearing a skirt and not about law and order.

If you're talking law and order, you should reference sky marshals and security check points and all the other measures taken by flight attendants and passengers during flights that involved suspicious or unusual behavior by a passenger?

This thread was about a woman wearing a skirt!!
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