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Default Re: Judge Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act

RedRat wrote:

Non-sense, We the people do have power, albeit outside of federal jurisdictions, for example, let's say your somehow charged with treason against the governemnt, because you wrote alot of Anti-Bush Anti-War material, you would have a right to a trial by jury, therefore if one of your fellow citizens sees the utter insanity of the law put against you, and they vote you innocent of all charges, then it was as if the law never existed in the first place. Case Closed as they say. The problem is finding people with knowledge of the Constitution, and how it protects citizens against government, I dare say the American Bar Association can't help you there. Talk about a bunch of perverted Masons in charge there.

Nonsense! We, the people, do not have the power. As long as fixed elections are standard practice and the "secret government" installs a puppet as President and the "secret government" continues to exist, we the people, do not have the power. PERIOD! It's an illusion.
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