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Default Re: Death of the internet

Multi-Highway Internet ??? - :-o :-o :-o

“Television” has a lot of channels, “cable-TV” has a lot of channels, “telephone lines” have a lot of individual circuit connections. The Internet is just 1 “highway,” virtually connecting every computer-node to the same “highway”. Such as companies have their own “private networks”, we can as users demand ISPs our need for completely “separate networks”. Where, if the “news media” wants to be “censored” & provide “censored politically correct 1-way-or-the-highway content,” they can have it. I certainly wouldn’t waste my time there. And that’s what they are more afraid of. All we need is a “switch” or “highway access” to individual separate user networks. This way “everyone” can have access to the “content” they wish to view. Simple. So simple, they want to control everything before it gets there.

That is actually how the Internet started. It was for the sole purpose of instant communication access w/o the need of “approval” by any “body” or “institution”. Universities, companies, & gov institutions that could afford or justify the need for such “networks” had them way before the Internet hit the “main-stream.” The Internet goes way back to the late 60’s, believe it or not. To the days of “ARPANet”, or “Advanced Research Project Agency’s Super-Network”, created to support nuclear warfare & thus have a communications network capable of continuation upon the loss of any one or more segments of that network.

So going back to my original “thought”. The fact that they want to establish rules now, is solely for the purpose of “content censorship” & “content control”, such as what kind of “ads” & “pop-ups” & “hoops” you have to “jump over” & get through, in order to get to the information you want to access. It’s just like forced TV ads. You can’t get rid of them. However the concept of a network, such as the Internet, can very simply allow for more than 1 “highway.” But who is going to “control” that scenario ? But then, why do we want anyone to “control” our “unalienable” right & “freedom” to access “Information.” So, it all goes back the same concept. Freedom.
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